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The Commission is considering a new Action Plan for Nanotechnology, addressing the technological and societal challenges of the next five years and strengthening the research and innovation efforts, with increased emphasis on sustainable development, competitiveness, health, safety and environmental issues.

The objective of this public consultation is to invite views on the needs in nanotechnology in the next five years, as perceived by experts active in the field and by the public at large.

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This publication consists of a series of research articles on the nature of
public debate on nanosciences and nanotechnologies, and the ways in which
deliberative approaches could lead to better governance of these
technologies. The authors of these articles were involved (as coordinators
or participants) in a number of now completed European Commission funded
'Science in Society' projects. Of these, the project FRAMINGNANO involved
the development of a governance plan for nanotechnologies. NANOCAP was a
capacity building exercise, through which European Trade Unions and
Environmental NGOs adopted resolutions and positions on the governance of