European Commission Horizon Impact Award

The European Commission recently launched the Horizon Impact Award, focused on uptake and exploitation of EU funded project results. You have been contacted as we think you may fulfil the eligibility criteria of this award for your performance as beneficiary, as well as the quality and impact of your projects results.

The Commission will award on an annual basis a recognition prize to reward beneficiaries of EU-funded projects that have successfully used their research results to create value and impact for society across and beyond Europe. This action aims to illustrate the wider socio-economic benefits of the EU investment in R&I and to encourage project beneficiaries to best manage and use their research result.

Who can apply for the Horizon Impact Award?

The contest is open to all legal entities (i.e. natural or legal persons, including international organisations) or groups of legal entities from FP7 (7th Framework Programme, 2007-2013) or Horizon 2020 finished projects. The applicants must be able to show proof of effective exploitation and uptake of their research results.

It is worth also checking the exclusion criteria described in the section 4.2 of the Rules of Contest.

What is the deadline?

Deadline for submissions is 8th May 2019 at 17:00:00 CET.

How many winners will be selected? Will there be a monetary award?

Five winners will be selected by the evaluation jury according to their achievements. The winners will receive 10.000 EUR each.

Besides, it will give them visibility as the Commission will further promote the winners by inviting them to provide testimony in other major events.

Which are the award criteria to be considered?

The prize will be awarded to the entry that best addresses the following cumulative criteria:

  • From results to societal benefits;
  • Impact.

Read part 5 in of the Rules of Contest for more details.

Where and how do I apply for the Horizon Impact Award?

Applications must be submitted by the (lead) participant via the Funding and Tender Opportunities website. The submission is done by filling in a form (see attached the prize application template) which aims to gather information on the impact and exploitation aspects of your projects results to be considered in the further evaluation.

Participants will have to submit an annex consisting of a letter of support from at least one user or user community, stating the importance of the research work and how it was used to create concrete benefits for the specific user-community. The user should not be an academic organisation.

If you would like to search for partners for a joint application, please have a look at the Partner Search session.

We encourage you to apply if you think that you fulfil all requirements. Bear in mind, your participation in this exercise is fully voluntary and the application should be filled in and sent out by yourself.

You are kindly invited to visit our website page for more information.

You can contact Yanaris ORTEGA GARCIA at for any further related question or any other issue related to dissemination and exploitation activities for the Nanotechnologies, Advanced Materials, Biotechnology, and Advanced Manufacturing and Processing (NMBP) programme.

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