2nd NanoDefine Industry-focused Workshop "Measurement and classification of nanomaterials according to the EU definition”

Tue, 2017-10-24

The European NanoDefine project is organizing a new 1-day industry-focused workshop on the 24th October 2017 at DECHEMA in Frankfurt/Main, Germany. The main purpose of this workshop is to practically demonstrate the newly developed measurement techniques to end-users, who have to implement the EC definition of a nanomaterial (2011/696/EU).

NanoDefine experts have developed a wide panel of new validated measurement methods, techniques, instruments and software, including a 2-tiered analytical approach consisting of (1) rapid and cost-effective screening methods and (2) more in-depth confirmatory methods, to classify existing and new advanced materials according to the EC nano-definition. In particular the "NanoDefiner e-Tool” will help practitioners to reliably determine, whether a material or product is or contains nano, or not.

This unique workshop will focus on the practical demonstration of the applicability, suitability and regulatory significance of the newly developed NanoDefine methodology to classify real-life materials.